Packing for short business trips: Why you need to Carry-on

There are those business trips where you know you are literally stepping in and out of the building. Maybe you need to show a pitch in the head office somewhere in Calabar, or you need to be on a panel for a huge conference in Abuja. You really only need the outfit you’re wearing from home.

Then, there are those other business trips where you find yourself on a slippery slope. Those are the trips where you need to be in a new place (state or country) for about 3 days. You start out thinking “I only need like three outfits for three days…right?” You shrug your shoulders, thinking its so easy…till you look at the size of the suitcase you want to carry and the number of outfits that have suddenly multiplied by 3. You’re standing over your bed, wondering why you now have 10 outfits for a three day trip. Continue reading “Packing for short business trips: Why you need to Carry-on”