Militarizing Non-violence: Use of costuming in Chi-Raq


Spike Lee’s decision to dress the women in camouflage emphasizes his agenda to militarize the bloodless strike. There is the scene where the women take over the military base without any guns. And, when told that 75 women took over the military base, Commissioner Blades first asks “Women did that?”


The intense surprise on his face reiterates Lee’s agenda to emphasize just how little is expected of women in occupying spaces that affect the community at large. Commissioner Blades goes into another shock when he is informed that the women had no guns or bombs either. At this point, we are reminded of when Strata used no guns to disarm and even, unrobe The General.


In these military take-over scenes, Lee is adamant about questioning our ideas of militancy by suggesting that women have a force that is under-appreciated and unknown and therefore, unexpected.


FredoSantana16, jenlee16, Honest





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