Whose Love is Supreme?

Spike Lee's Joints 2

First of all, I would like to thank the author of this post for doing some research on the fact that Spike Lee wanted to name Mo’Better Blues, “A Love Supreme.” It actually implies much more about Lee’s belief in the saving and redeeming power of Love. In support of Lee’s love for love, someone commented:

It is very interesting that you say “Its fitting that A Love Supreme should be introduced in the film at the time Bleek finally finds something he loves more than himself.” I feel like if others knew the Coltrane information, then their emotional reaction of disappointment about Indigo accepting Bleek would be different. I remember watching it with the class and everyone was upset and felt like Bleek was using indigo because he had no one else to fall back on without realizing that he actually did love Indigo as well.

While I found…

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