Giant’s Aside: The Double Dolly as a tool for Character Development in Storytelling

Spike Lee's Joints 2

Mo better giant (with sound) from SHEILA CHUKWULOZIE on Vimeo.

In Spike Lee’s Mo’Better Blues, Lee uses the double shot to reveal the extent of the agent’s frustration, without having to put Giant in a situation where he has to confront those situations immediately. From 1:19:11-1:20:08, Spike Lee goes in and out of the dolly to reveal Giant’s near escape from his betting agent. The shot allows us to focus on what’s being said about Giant rather than what Giant is doing. In fact, what’s being said about Giant at that moment is actually a foreshadowing of what will eventually happen to Giant in a tragic scene that changes the trajectory of Bleek’s life.

giphy (4)

giphy (5)

Without the discernment between the inevitable transfer of weight in human motion and the steady camera on a tripod, there is no switch between the two modes of seeing.In effect, when the camera eventually moves away from Giant’s face and…

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