The Ins and Outs of friendship from a friend-in-training  

“Friendship should be treated more like an investment than a gamble. I wonder how many of you will invest money and time into a project, and simply forget about it when things get tough. Scratch that, I know how many, NONE! We attach more importance to material things like money than we do to the human beings God gave us to share out lives with. If that isn’t ungrateful, I don’t know what is…”


Hey hey!

…So after my post about Mr Gates and his ‘friend’, I hope you can see how I have naturally progressed to writing a full blown post about frienships. In my opinion, the things I write will strike a chord with each and every reader. I really cannot stress this enough, but putting it in caps is a start – PLEASE SHARE YOUR OPINIONS WITH ME 🙂 . I’m no expert on friendship, and I cannot claim to be the best friend known to man, but I do feel the urge to share my thoughts on this important topic.

Before I dive in, I’d like to ask each of you reading this line to please scroll down to the bottom of the page and subscribe to receive regular updates from the blog – I promise it will be worth it 😀

The idea behind this post is to dig…

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