Fabric Fun: Silkyway

Sometimes, the term “work wear” can be more complicated than it sounds because you have the clothes you wear to the office and then you have the clothes you wear for work outside the office. Last week, I had the honor of celebrating one of my many bosses, Mr Audu Maikori,on his 40th birthday. Since too many people have said life starts at 40, I kept telling him happy first birthday (lol its still funny in my head).


On his behalf, Chivas hosted an all black cocktail. The invitation card read, “black jacket/black skirt” but the only black skirt I have is for church-

Asin, when I mean skirt, I mean Shy Ronnie kind of skirt-suit-skirtrouser

Which meant, I had to be slightly rebellious with a black dress. DSC_0554Once I pulled the long-sleeved silk goddess out of my closet, I fell in love with its sultry silky fabric all over again. “Let me die in silk” I whispered to myself.

Silk has always been luxury fabric: Once upon a time, silk was only used for Chinese emperors for their personal use and as royal gifts. It’s lustrous fibre is gotten  from insects now called Silk Moths

Apparently (as Wikipedia tells me), the Chinese dynasty tried hard to keep their rearing method of sericulture secret but obviously, people being people will find a way to get their hands on anything soft and shiny.



You would not believe me if I told you that silk is actually almost perfectly practical for tropical areas (e.g Nigeria). So, I brought facts with me:

  1. Silk has an absorbency that makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active.
  2. For those harmattan periods, silk keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather.
  3. Silk is excellent as clothing that protects anyone from many biting insects like mosquitoes.

When I dress for anything- especially in Nigeria-I always ask myself if I will be comfortable. Because, it’s either I will be too hot, or the AC will be too much. But silk here seems like a win-win.


I always feel so glamorous when I wear anything silky; the lustre just makes me feel like I’m glowing. Sometimes, I take the shine to another level and add glistening accessories. But, I don’t overdo it- so I don’t step into the building looking like a fluorescent lamp.  This time, I adorned my gorgeous fabric with these beautiful babies.


Allow me to say that silk is one hell of a multifaceted friend; insect repellant and weather appropriate at day and radiantly glamorous and illuminating at night. Can we raise our glasses to silk please?


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