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Hi there gorgeous reader,

I went out  asking working women about how they manage their inner divas during their 9-5 lives (typical Sashafierce vs Beyonce debacle). One special lady I had to talk to was Yewande Thorpe (Alias: Lady Thorpe) Well, this interview taught me that you don’t have to kill your fabulous diva just because you need that monthly bank alert…

Lady Thorpe is one woman that shares that desire to balance your style in the office with your personality outside. And, guess what? she is sharing a few tips on how to work it out flawlessly!

Styled in Charlotte by Eve and Tribe

  • Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?
  • My name is Yewande Thorpe- I am a “9 to 5ver:” I work in Communications and PR for a multinational company. But, on the side, I run a blog called She Loves The Finer Things where I write about beauty, fashion , food and basically anything that interests me.
  • So what interests you the most? Food? 
  • Food of course! (laughs). For beauty- I’m very obsessed with makeup so I share new makeup finds with my readers; I do reviews on different products. I point people in the direction of where they can find stuff because that’s one of the biggest challenges I find with the Nigerian woman. Even though they like makeup, they don’t know which makeup to buy; which makeup is suitable to them; and where they can buy these things. People think that a lot of products are only available in the US and the UK but we do have a lot of makeup companies in Nigeria. So that’s really my job- to bring them the good bad and the ugly in terms of makeup (laughs)
  • Do we have people that make make-up in Nigeria?
  • Yes we have a couple of indigenous brands; there is House of Tara who does lipsticks, eye-shadows, lip glosses. I have only tried one of their lipsticks and it was really good. We also have Banke Meshida who is one of the biggest makeup artists in Nigeria. We also have a company called Tiles cosmetics I just discovered recently.
  •  I saw you advertising some liquid lipsticks on Instagram… 
  • No that one is not from Nigeria (Laughs) that’s Anastasia Beverly hills.
  • How is the liquid lipstick?
  • It’s amazing

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.58.16 PM

  • So if I want one, where can I get it from?
  • My favorite beauty store is It is run by a lady called Louisa; she prides herself on getting makeup to the Nigerian woman as soon as it’s available.
  • How do you find trying to explore your love for these finer things while working for a corporate?
  • I must confess that before I started my 9-5, I had much more time to explore makeup, explore new restaurants, and blog. It took a while for me to transition into managing both. For the first year, it went from posting three times weekly to once in four months. But luckily, my readers stayed loyal (laughs). People who did not know me till now might think I’m a new blogger but that’s also because I just got on instagram (@shelovesthefinerthings). I’ve been blogging for close to three years now. To work it out, I do a lot of my photography on weekends and then I draft up my posts for when id like to post them because I’m not able to do any blogwork during the weekdays…there’s no time for that (laughs)

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.58.23 PM

  •  Are you able to express your fashionista self in the office?
  • Yes! I mean to an extent, you’d want to do everything in moderation. I would say that the company I work for is slightly flexible in that I don’t need to wear a suit, and I don’t need to wear a skirt that’s way below my knees. I’m also able to express my love for makeup. You would see me (like now!) wearing red lipstick which people would find really crazy. I had a friend who once said to me “Id never wear red lipstick to work, it’s so unprofessional” But, I WOULD! (laughs). Before, I was really big on wearing eye-shadow everyday. But now, because there’s hardly anytime, all I do is put on my winged liner and I’m good to go 🙂


  • And you look flawless! (As usual). How would you define your personal style in terms of clothing?
  • I don’t think I have my style boxed into one. I just like to wear stuff that compliments my body as a fuller figured woman. I like to be very comfortable in what I wear. In terms of style, I like clean styles. My favorite colors are white and black. I could never be caught dead in a red green and purple dress but these days Ive started getting more comfortable in print. I also try to break fashion rules: You would hear people saying “oh if you’re not a size eight you should not be wearing a body con dress”.(clears throat) I own MANY body con dresses and I wear them with pride! I just wear what makes me comfortable and what makes others around me comfortable; I try to maintain a balance.

“As a fuller figured woman…”

  • What fashion item can you not do without?
  • Pencil Skirts! I don’t own one A-Lined skirt. The thing with fashion and me is when I find something I like, I stick to it. So my husband is always like try something new…don’t keep having pencil skirts in all the different colours (laughs).
  • So, can you say what you’re wearing now is “Your Style”?
  • This is definitely my style. Peplum blouse-It works perfectly! You can eat as much as you want 😉 (laughs) Pencil skirt.. Amazing! It has a cut which shows a bit of skin without looking too…Yeah, this is something I would wear any day.


  • Can you wear it after work?
  • Definitely! A lot of what I would wear, I would want it to be translatable to after work fashion.
  • What’s your favorite Eve and Tribe piece?
  • My most recent favorite piece is the palazzo pants. They are..just beautiful! You can wear them anywhere; I recently wore them to the Elizabeth Arden launch in Nigeria and everyone really loved them. You can wear them to the cinema. There’s a way they can be styled to look office approrpaite. I saw that Seyi Shay wore them with converses and they worked really well..

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.08.20 PM

  • So…do you have any last words?
  • ….No. (we both laughed)

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